Garden wishes

This is a  list of what I want to have in my garden one day (wherever that may be):

1.  A lemon tree.  I use lemons in cooking all the time.  Everyday, if I can.  I love lemons.

2.  A lime tree.  See number one.  Limes are freaking expensive.

3.  A wisteria or two.  It smells soooo lovely.  And there’s a variety called black dragon (how cool is that?).  Might not mix well with kids or cats, though, as all parts of this plant are poisonous if ingested…

Tulips4.  Tulips.  I want to give them a go one day.  Not sure what color to get yet.

5.  Lots of English lavender.  I like English lavender more than French, because of the flower structure.  It’s good for making sachets & pillows, and smells so good.

6.  More gnomes.  They rock.  And Russell could use the company.

7.  Gargoyles.  They would help protect stuff.

8.  Dragons.  They would play nicely with gargoyles.

9.  Cats.  Statues, that is.  They’re cute and don’t need feeding.

10.  An angel cat statue for Zeus.  We lost our dear Zeus last March very suddenly and I still haven’t gotten over it yet.  Some days I still tear up thinking about him.  Because he was white, he never got to spend much time in the sun, but I know he would’ve loved to.

11.  A faerie door.  I think I might be able to cross this one-off soon — I spotted a lovely one on trademe.

12.  A faerie sign.  This one is the funniest one I’ve seen so far. :)

13.   Some wind chimes.  I would love to get some of those big bamboo ones that sound really low and pretty, as well as a few lighter, tinkly kinds….I think Ben and I would like the larger ones better, though.  I’m keeping an eye on trademe for some.

13 things seems like enough to wish for at the moment, so I’ll stop here!  Hopefully I can cross some of these off one day!

Is there anything you’d love to have in your garden one day?


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