Not waiting anymore

I’m really good at waiting…because I seem to be waiting all the time. Waiting till Monday to start eating healthy again. Waiting till we have this or that to invite people over. Waiting till I’ve made more progress in the garden before I post again. Waiting till I have a better camera to post pictures here. I honestly think of millions of reasons to wait until the right moment.

I’ve decided I’m not waiting anymore. Living in the now is a much more fun experience, so the right moment is now!

Here's an out-of-focus pic because I'm not waiting till I have a better camera.

Garden update: My new garden beds arrived last week!  I managed to get one up before I left to go out-of-town (work stuff).

Last night I managed to clear the area where one of the beds is going. When we first moved here (in June), we had to get the phone company to lay cable for our internet…and they butchered the corner of the yard where this first bed is going. I never realized how bad it was until yesterday. One end of the bed is higher than the other, but not by as much as it would’ve been if I hadn’t spent about an hour trying to get the ground level there.

I dug out a lovely little bush and put it somewhere else. Hopefully she makes it through the transplant! There is also a tree stump close to the bed, but I can’t be bothered getting that out of the ground. It’s not a dead, rotting tree stump that would be easy to remove. Luckily the bed fit where I planned to put it and I started to fill it up!

While I was waiting (I couldn’t control that waiting) for the beds to arrive, I read up on what you should put into raised garden beds. There are a lot of conflicting instructions out there…but many of the articles I read said you should put cardboard and newspaper in the bottom to encourage earthworms into your beds, so I did that. Pizza boxes for the win! I also raided what little compost we had in the compost bin and the soil from the broken, busted bed on the side of the house.

No kitty poo, thanks!

Two hours later my raised garden bed was almost complete. It’s sitting in front of the fence that I’m hoping will be covered with purple beans and sugar snap peas in a few months! I still need a few more bags of compost & soil to get it to the level I want, so hopefully this weekend I can do that. For now, I have the bed covered with the compost bags so the cats don’t use it as a giant litter box. Believe me, they would if they could!

Speaking of cats: We’re being woken up on a nightly basis (is that even a phrase?) by Leon trying to get fresh with Damara. His vet appointment seems like it’s ages away. Thank goodness she’s fixed.

And Moose wanted to say hi.

Have you ever realized you were waiting…and wasting time? What kicked you out of it?


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