Leon & Damara’s first Christmas

We needed a pick-me-up after the plantnappers hit again, so Santa came on Christmas Eve for Leon & Damara…

What did Santa leave for Leon & Damara?

What is this thing?  What do we do with it?

Hmm...what is it?

It smells really interesting.  Let’s see what’s inside!

Damara always lets Leon do the hard work.

I can help with the twine, Mom.

Damara finally decides to help

Maybe if we both pull on it…

I need to floss anyway!

Maybe if I pull on this one…

It's green!

Wow, it’s fluffy, like us!

How... exciting.

Thanks, Santa!

Thanks to Ben for taking pictures!

Did Santa leave anything for your pets?


Silly tigers in the grass

Grass tastes good

Ok, maybe not tigers.


But maybe not even kittens.  Teenager cats.

You all know how teenagers are.  Crazy, freakish things that turn into little monsters.  Sort of like gremlins.

If you don’t let teenagers run around a bit sometimes, they’ll turn on you.

Ben and I had the teenager cats out yesterday morning in the back yard, without leashes and they quite enjoyed themselves.  We took them out again today and let them run around for about 15 minutes.

Usually this would result in crying kitties at the backdoor for 15 minutes after we bring them inside, but not today.  Today, they actually wore themselves out and slept.  It was amazing.

Damara hunting a flyOn the list to buy are two retractable leashes for them, as their little kitten leashes aren’t long enough.  That’s why we decided to just let them run around while we were outside, shielding them from going towards the front.  I’m aware that won’t work forever, but it will until we get those leashes.  I’ll be selling the old ones on trademe to cover some of the costs of the new ones, so it’s not a total big spend.

We’ve also discovered the teenager cats have a radish fetish.

Ben’s parents brought us over a few freshly pulled radishes from their veggie garden, and me being me, I forgot about them and they were left on the kitchen bench.

I woke up the next morning to find them scattered around the house.  I had to start work soon after that, so I put them back on the bench, intending to wash them and then stick them in the fridge later on…

The teenager cats once again scattered the radishes around the house, along with the plastic wrap that had bundled together.

Flopping LeonLeon ran by me trailing a giant flag of plastic wrap like a victory banner.  I don’t know what it is with him.  He also parades around with plastic bags,  so we have to hide them all because I don’t want any suffocating cats.

The weird part is they didn’t actually chew on said radishes.  They just carried them around everywhere like little trophies.

Unfortunately, because I was busy working, I couldn’t get any pictures of them being radish fiends.   They move too fast!  They haven’t learned the “stay still” command yet.  But there are times when I’m trying to walk with trays of seedlings and they’re directly in my path, pretending they don’t know what “move” means…staying perfectly still.


What’s the funniest thing your pet has ever done?

A snapshot sort of Sunday

It’s Sunday already?  This week went by so fast!  Crazy.  I know I did a picture post yesterday, and I hate to be redundant, but it’s Sunday.  Sundays to me are about relaxing, recapping what’s happened in my week and thinking on what I need to get done next week.

I think from now on Sunday will be my one and only now & gwen meme of snapshots, because there are always pictures I take that don’t make it into a post, but I want to have them somewhere and share them with people, just because.  Hope you don’t mind! :)

Oh, the plantnappers took the weekend off, because they didn’t come back last night, either.  Or maybe they even read this blog.  Who knows!  Very happy about that again.

Anyhow! On to the pictures!

Mini Greek basil sprouts

My mini Greek basil is finally big enough to show up in an in-focus picture. Hurray! Isn’t it freaking cute?  Cutest sprouts, ever.  And they will taste sooo good in stuff.  Don’t tell them that, though! ;)


Ben decided we needed someone to guard the tomato sprouts.  Lego-my-tomato?  Mr. Lego’s been sitting on top of my bulletin board for about 5 years.  I guess it was time for a change of scenery.


I told you that our apple tree was tiny, but decided to take a few shots of Moose next to it for scale.


It’s always really hard to get Moose to look at the camera!  Silly boy.  He’s always busy looking at other things.

Kitty face smoosh

This is a common sight in my office, on the kitty shelf.  You can’t really see it, but Damara (on the right) is actually hugging Leon, so every time one of them sighs or stretches, the other one does the same and they end up squeezing each other.  It’s enough to make anyone die of cute.

Leon and Damara sleeping

Wishing everyone reading a wonderful week ahead! :)  Personally I can’t wait until my days off so I can do some re-potting! :)

Do you ever post snapshots of your week? Leave me a comment and let me know!  I’d love to see them!

Leon’s hidden orchids

Oops! I told the non-cat folks they could skip my last post and go straight to the next gardening post and what do I do? Post about cats again, under the guise of a gardening title. My bad! Skip ahead if you want. *cackles* One day you all will be cat people. Anyhow. Back to hidden orchids.

Cryptorchidism is when a male has one or both testes that haven’t descended. Like in Leon’s case! The term makes me think of orchids and puzzles or hiding orchids. Yeah. That’s just how my brain works and helps me remember things. Apparently this can lead to cancer in dogs if you don’t have the testes removed, but in cats it’s quite rare.

We found out about Leon’s little balls not dropping when I took them both to the vet to be fixed last month (the day after the city was snowed in). Unfortunately for him, I was out in the garden trying to save trees from breaking under the weight of the snow when the vet tried to call me about him while Leon was still under anesthesia. By the time I’d gotten the message (an hour later), he was already waking up and the Vet didn’t want to put him under again on the same day (I love this Vet, seriously he’s amazing).

I was scheduled to bring him back in the next week, but I had to go out of town for work, and then I decided I wanted him to have an extra month to see if his testes would come out to play.

The month has passed. No balls yet.

Poor little guy! Now he’s going to have to have a more invasive procedure and the Vet is going to have to find his little balls. I feel so bad for him. I’ve scheduled his big day for next month in hopes that they’ll drop by then, but chances are they won’t.

You might ask why I’m even bothering with this surgery for him, but you don’t have a pair of related kittens that are borderline incestuous. Thankfully Damara is fixed now, but it’s not stopping Leon from trying to get fresh with her on a regular basis. It’s unnerving! Also, male cats with hidden orchids can still get the urge to spray, roam (no, WordPress, I did not mean Rome) and just be a nuisance, so yeah. He’s still getting neutered.

I just hope the Vet can find his little balls.

Crazy cat lady warning: My furkids

Anyone who knows me knows how much my cats mean to me. I’ve never lived in a house without a cat during my life. My kitties have  helped me through some crap times and they’re really my babies. If you’re not a cat person, I forgive you. You can skip to the next gardening or cooking post!

From oldest to youngest:

Moose will be … 5 years old this October! Holy moly, where does time go? He is a really floppy, melty, koala-clinging cat when you get his motor going. Usually he prefers being by himself. The kittens annoy him, so he spends a lot of time in Ben’s office or outside, unless I can convince him to come have quiet cuddles before bed. He’s one of those cats who makes you feel like you really deserve a purr if you get one out of him. I really need to get him in for a dental cleaning, which will hopefully be happening next month some time.

Winters will be 4 years old this October (noticing a pattern here?) and is the daddy cat of the house. When we got Zeus, our first manx kitten, Winters was the first one to break down and give the little guy baths. He was the first to give our current manx kittens baths as well. Winters is massive. I think he weighs 12-13 lbs or something like that. But he’s not fat. Really. The vets have always told us he’s big-boned! Since we’ve moved to this house, he’s taken to pouncing on Moose unexpectedly, and coming back with tufts of fur. He’s usually a gentleman, but could be becoming a bit of a bully? He can, and often does, purr for an hour before he falls asleep.

And lastly, the kittens. They’re moving into teenager territory now, at 7 months old:

Damara and Leon (click on their picture for a bigger view). We were only supposed to get one of them, but a week after we adopted Damara, Leon still needed a home and we couldn’t say no! I am so glad we got the both of them. They keep each other occupied so they don’t bother the big cats (as much anyway) and when we’re not home, they don’t get lonely. We really should have always gotten our cats in pairs.  A lot of shelters won’t adopt out single kittens now unless you have a youngish cat in your home already for these reasons.

Damara is really quiet and cautious. Leon is loud and an outgoing cuddle-bug. He will offer you his tummy for scratches without attacking your hand.  Both have been known to sleep in a make-shift sling while I work. Yes, I k now that’s sort of crazy. They’re really just what I need, though, after we lost Zeus so suddenly.

Current kitty news: We’re introducing the kittens to wearing a harness and going outside on a leash. I won’t say we’re training them to walk on a leash, because we’re actually not going to walk them anywhere other than the yard. This way they can still get outside, but I don’t have to worry about them getting run over by a car. :) I’ll keep you guys updated on how that goes lol. I think Leon will take to it more quickly than Damara, since he’s a bit more fearless than she is.

Tell me about your furkids! Link me to pictures. I love meeting kitties :)

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