Quick spring couscous salad
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Quick spring couscous salad

I don’t think I’ve actually shared any recipes yet!  This salad works great as a main meal (serves 3ish) or as a side (serves 4-5) if you take the tuna out.  I’ve been eating this a lot lately (since it’s gotten warmer out, at least) and love eating the leftovers for lunch the next day 🙂  The best part is it takes about 5-10 minutes  to prepare and tastes really fresh & light.

Quick spring couscous salad


  • 100g dry couscous
  • 185g can of chunky tuna, drained
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 100g fresh or frozen veggie mix
  • 1T good extra virgin olive oil
  • juice of 1 lemon (fresh is best)
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • Whatever chopped fresh herbs you have around, I prefer cilantro!  Parsley would work, too.

I usually start by putting my water jug on to boil and measuring out my couscous.

Place your dry couscous into a bowl that you can fit a plate on top of to seal in the steam from your boiled water.  I usually put my couscous into the bowl I’ll be eating my salad in, so I don’t create extra dishes.  Once your water has boiled, pour enough into the bowl containing your couscous to cover it by about 3-5mm, or whatever the package suggests.  Place a side plate (or large plate if you’re using a larger bowl) on top of your bowl.   If you can’t create a good seal using a bowl & plate, just use plastic wrap (I avoid using plastic wrap usually).

While your couscous is rehydrating, heat up your veggies in a small pot or in the microwave (I tend to use the microwave if I’m just using a frozen veggie mix).  If you would rather have a cold salad, pre-blanched veggies work fine!  Just make sure your veggies have a crunch to them still.

Drain your tuna, & cut up your avocado.  Place these ingredients into a medium-sized mixing bowl along with your veggies of choice.

Your couscous should be done by now!  Fluff it up with a fork and add to your mixing bowl.

Squeeze your lemon juice in, drizzle your olive oil, and get your salt & pepper in there and gently mix, so you don’t smoosh your avocado chunks into a paste!  Top off with your fresh herbs and you’re done!  I usually scoop mine out into the bowl I had my couscous in and put the rest into containers to eat for lunch the next two days.

You can pretty much substitute anything in this recipe for something else, except the couscous of course!  I tend to use whatever I’ve got in the pantry, fridge and/or freezer.

If you’ve got fresh garden veggies, peas give a lovely crunch, or if you want a more mediterranean feel, pitted olives & fresh tomato works a treat!

If you don’t like avocado, half of a small can of bean salad or about 130g of a bean & feta mix from the deli section in your local grocery store tastes lovely in this as well.  Substitute the tuna for shrimp or prawns and you’ve got a lovely seafood starter!  The possibilities are endless, really.

Couscous works with so many ingredients.  Have fun creating your own favorite couscous salad! 🙂

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