I’m a  30-years-young American living in New Zealand.  A newlywed, still getting used to saying ‘my husband’ instead of my partner.

My husband and I have just moved to the North Island and are looking forward to discovering what the future holds for us!  We are owned by our 4 cats, who are our furbabies.  I know this means I’m toeing the line of ‘crazy cat lady’ but I think having an other half keeps me on the safe side.

I like to let loose with a little writing here and there, now and then, so welcome to now & gwen!  I am a sucker for puns in any form.  I love to laugh.

I also love cooking, gardening, cats, coffee, and finding the little things that make me happy. I would love for my house to be clean all the time, but I realize sometimes life gets in the way.  It’s not a bad thing!

I tend to babble and go off on tangents.  I blame my mother for that — she would laugh and tell you that’s ok!   I miss her.

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Disclaimer:  my grammar and punctuation skills might be a little rusty!  If you came here looking for perfection, you won’t find it 😉