Another beginning

It was around this time last year that I began my blogging  journey that led me to meet all of you.  I thought about not renewing my domain, but I’ve decided I need to make time for myself, and I want to spend that time blogging.  I want to get back to posting daily.  This could prove to be slightly boring for you readers, but it’s more of a therapy for me, so deal with it!

I know the past few posts I’ve made have mentioned my lack of posts, and my intentions to write more.  I have to say that sometimes life gets in the way.  The last few months have been a whirlwind.

Ben and I have landed in the North Island and are settling into our new home and trying to find a new routine.  We absolutely love it up here.  The neighborhood is beautiful, and the people up this way are even lovelier.  Ben was very surprised, on his motorcycle ride up, at how friendly the locals were to him.  At that point, he looked like someone out of Sons of Anarchy — bushy beard, leather jacket, black beanie, sunglasses.  He had three people in the supermarket ask him if they could help him find things on his first trip there.  I know that Christchurch folks are just as lovely…but honestly I think they’re all a bit tired, and they’ve been through hell.  It’s been a long two years in Christchurch, and that sometimes showed.

It could be that I’m looking at things from the eyes of an outsider up here at the moment.  Only noting the differences.  Although I really do like it up here, my heart is still in Christchurch.

The cats did really well with the move.  They had to go into a cattery while we emptied the old house and then I flew up with them after Ben drove up from Christchurch.  Moose decided to pee in my empty suitcases the first week we were here.  I realized that he didn’t want to use the litter box, so I made the decision to let the big cats outside earlier than I wanted to.  I was afraid they’d go missing, but I guess with the lack of aftershocks this time around, I didn’t have as much to worry about.  As soon as I let them out, Moose stopped peeing in the suitcases.  I really expected at least one of the cats to end up with a urinary tract infection (Leon was the most prone) after all the stress from the cattery and the flight and then the new house, but luckily nobody developed one.

I admit to completely underestimating how stressful and tiring this move would be.  Almost all of the plants I brought up got badly damaged during the move, and more than a few household items broke. There are still a few boxes left to unpack in our spare bedroom.  I’ve been avoiding them.  I didn’t get my office set up in a way I liked until last week.

The house is still a bit empty in some places because this house is the biggest we’ve ever lived in and we don’t have a huge amount of furniture.  I’m not in love with everything about it, but I don’t hate it. Some parts just look funny to me.  It really could be worse, considering we didn’t even do a walk through before we moved in!

I didn’t think I’d have the energy or time to garden this year because I’m back working in an office now, with a long commute to and from work. I’m not home as much.  That contemplation was part of the reason I haven’t made any posts since June.

I was just so overwhelmed with everything, and I think part of me was mourning the garden I left in Christchurch.  I spent so much time and money getting that how I wanted it.

But, with the lack of rain today on my day off, I managed to get the garden bed on the side of the house weeded finally.  I’ve decided to begin again, and am now ready to see what I can make happen here.  It’s a totally different climate here, though.  And so much windier than Christchurch.  Even if it’s not windy during the day, the nightfall always seems to bring strong winds.  I’m trying to work out where I can plant things so I won’t lose them to those.

On the bright side,  I have no doubt that I will be able to enjoy the full glutton of my courgette plant this year.  There will be no plantnapping happening in my garden!  I’ve already got one waiting to be transplanted.  Ben made sure I bought one on our first trip to the gardening center.  It’s not quite big enough to withstand the wind here yet

I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things now that Spring is finally here, both in the garden and in blogging.  I’ve missed reading your blogs and writing here.  I hope I haven’t missed too much.

Expect to see more of me!


15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yaya
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 21:24:50

    Hey Gwen happy to hear that you settle well up North.


    • gwen
      Sep 19, 2012 @ 09:56:57

      Thank you, Yaya! I’ve been enjoying all the gorgeous photos of the food you’ve been making. Never fails to make me hungry! :P


  2. nzecochick
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 21:35:24

    Welcome back. Also welcome to the north island!!! So glad you’re getting into the garden again you’ll love it so much M xx


  3. Sally
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 21:56:05

    You might find your heart shifts – mine did! <3 glad to hear you are settling in well xxx


    • gwen
      Sep 19, 2012 @ 09:58:21

      I am sure mine will eventually! Ben’s already has. I thought it would be the opposite. I think we’ll be here for a very long time, even if we have to move houses.


  4. Amy Thorstad
    Sep 19, 2012 @ 00:20:00

    Love reading your blog – glad to see it’s back! I probably missed this along the line somewhere but what is the reason for your move? How far is it from where you were?


  5. kimbirusso
    Sep 19, 2012 @ 08:50:36

    So glad the North Island is looking after you. You sound happy :)


  6. Emma
    Sep 19, 2012 @ 09:25:42

    I mourned for the garden I left behind too, especially my passionfruit and blueberries which I didn’t get to harvest. I try to think about the positives, that my old patch of earth is better off for my efforts and someone else might be encouraged to garden because of me.
    The wind hasn’t been as difficult as I expected. Just stake everything really well. If you’ve got good soil, your plants will set good roots and learn to cope with the wind.

    I’m glad your back blogging. I missed your posts.



    • gwen
      Sep 19, 2012 @ 10:06:29

      We left our house (and garden) in good hands — I know it’ll be used well! I am expecting big things of it, lol

      I’m hoping the soil is good here — it seems to be. And I believe we inherited a passionfruit vine out back, so if I can get it to bear fruit, it’s all yours! <3


  7. April
    Sep 20, 2012 @ 15:20:16

    Glad you’re back! I moved my blog from Where Do We Go From Here and went private, but if you’d like, just send me a request.

    Yay for no plantnapping!


  8. Cathy
    Oct 13, 2012 @ 19:02:20

    Look forward to hearing how the garden develops. Gardening is such good therapy I feel! Good luck!


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