Last winter in Christchurch

We’re saying goodbye to Christchurch in about a month.  We still haven’t found a place in Wellington yet, but we’re looking every day.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we find a place that will allow us to have four cats (and a dog, Ben says) that isn’t too expensive.

Last time we moved, it was a year ago this week.  It didn’t seem as cold then as it is now, though.  Maybe it was?

My days this week were filled with pinning down details for our move.  Cleaning out the shed.  Making lists of things to tidy, things to give away, and things to pack.  Can’t really do much outside now.

This is what it looked like at our house last week.  If you look very closely, you may find a Winters in the winter!

I’m glad I didn’t bother trimming the grasses…no point, unless our landlord asks me to.  When we moved in, everything was really overgrown, though.  Hopefully he won’t ask me to!

Russell, along with everyone else in Christchurch, was pretty shocked by the blanket of snow we got only 6 days into winter.

Leon has discovered that with the cold, the doors in our house have shrunken a bit.  This means he can pop the bathroom door open, if he takes a running start at it, and in turn has access to the open window.  Not good!  At least he comes right to me when I call him still.  He’s a good mama’s boy :)

The older cats wanted to go out in the snow, and then came right back inside after they realized that everywhere they stepped was wet.  Both were horribly disgruntled.

Leon & Damara really wanted to go outside, but we deemed it ‘too cold for kitties’ and told them they weren’t missing much.  They watched it snow from their beds on my desk instead.

I tried to get good pictures of them watching the big, fat snowflakes fall, but black cats aren’t fun to photograph unless it’s really bright inside, and the lighting was not on my side.  Their view of the winter wonderland outside:

It took a few days for the snow to melt.  There’s still snow on top of my raised garden beds and the containers I grew potatoes in.  We’re experiencing another cold snap this week.  This is probably the last snow Ben and I will see for a few years.   It doesn’t snow (much) in Wellington, from what I hear.

I can’t wait for spring to come.

How is your season going?


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