Waiting for the [pee to] Fall

Hey folks!

I know it’s been ages.

Like, months, even.

I do feel bad.

But I got married! It was really nice and small, with only Ben’s family here and some family and friends watching on a live stream on the net.

And then it rained a lot, so not a lot of gardening took place.  Lots of green tomatoes still back when I got married.

It’s a bit chilly out now, and the tomatoes have finally ripened!  Not enough to make chutney or homemade tomato sauce out of, but they were (are) delicious.

The tomatoes in my garden bed didn’t do as well as the ones in the two big pots on the side of the house.  I’m not sure exactly why!  None of them were as amazing as the ones I grew last year, and I can only guess that’s because last year I had a turtle tank and a goldfish tank that I was doing water changes on weekly, and the tank water that was so high in nitrates went right into my garden…

I guess I need to get another fish tank for awesome tomatoes!

I need to get out into the garden and pull up all the tomato plants and cut back my herbs.  The flat-leaf parsley is doing extremely well! And the oregano and thyme, too.

My spring onions are finally ready (most of them) and I dug out all the carrots weeks ago.  They were beautiful and yummy.

I guess Fall is finally here.

The Fall I’m actually waiting for tonight is pee fall.  Kitty pee, to be exact.

Leon had something going on with his urinary tract about a month ago and the vet put it down to stress, because the Monday after our lovely wedding, we had two weeks of painting happening in the house, and the last two days of that were extremely noisy and we had to lock the kitties into the office with us as things were happening and folks were in and out of the house all day.

The week after all that, I took him to the vet because I noticed him straining a lot and not much coming out, him licking himself a lot after litter box trips, and then a speck of blood on his fur.  He waited all day at the vet’s office to go to the bathroom, and when he finally did, they didn’t get a very good sample.

They sent him home originally with pain meds (anti-inflams) and he seemed fine after about five days on those, so I stopped them.  But he’s had blood in his urine since then, it seems.  The clumping litter we use has specks of red in it when he’s used it.

Today I called and they suggested instead of brining him in that I try to get a sample of urine from him at home so it would be less stressful, and Ben came home with a little baggie of polystyrene balls (the kind you put in bean bags),  a syringe, and a cup.  The idea is you put the balls in a very clean litter box and the cat will go in it, you extract the urine with the syringe and put it in the cup.

I’m not sure what kind of cats the vet’s had, but it doesn’t seem like Leon will go.  Plus, trying to keep him confined to one room all day and without Damara in the room (she wants to go in the litter box with the balls), has been hell.  I’m just about ready to give up and put the regular kitty litter boxes back the way they were, and take him into the vet tomorrow.

So yep. That’s my night! Waiting for the pee to fall.  You can sing this to the tune of Waiting for a Star to Fall by Boy Meets Girl

How are you all doing? How are your gardens? Your pets?  For most of you it’s Spring now! You must be excited! :)

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