Planting again & staying busy

Time for a quick garden update!

It looks like it’s time for me to replant my tire planters with flowers — the nemophilias were lovely, but they decided they’d had enough and started drooping horribly over the sides.  I’ve pulled them all out and will plant some new seed tomorrow.

I also pulled out my sugar snap and snow peas.  The snow peas had stopped producing and the sugar snaps were really yellow.  I discovered the sugar snaps had powdery mildew towards the bottom of their vines, which has now spread to the crystal apple cucumber plants. Doh!

I did find that there’s a cucumber growing!  Exciting news!  I’ve seen heaps of flowers but this is the first fruit on the vine.  The cucumber vine is super prickly — I get little splinters stuck into my fingers if I’m not wearing gloves.

I’m thinking I might put some lettuces in the tire planter on the back patio, now that there’s really no room for them.  I really loved that red sail variety.

It’s still raining here, and when it’s not sprinkling, it’s extremely muggy, so I haven’t been outside much this week.  I have been keeping busy with zumba and free-stepping while watching tv on the Wii.  Tomorrow, I’ll do some running (ever so briefly…) on the treadmill I think.  Super tired today from zumba, but I really did well.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to get into the workout but today I pushed myself to commit to every song.  It’s a good feeling.

What are some ways you enjoy getting exercise?  How are your gardens looking?


A snapshot sort of Sunday

It’s raining again, but I’m not complaining! :) Less water I need to use, I guess!

The past couple of weeks have been really mild — so much so that I’m not sure I’ll ever get ripe tomatoes!  There are plenty growing now, but none are anywhere near ripe.

These photos have been taken over the past month (usually they’re photos from the last week, but I’ve proven to be a slacker this month at posting).

I ordered the rainbow mix of tomatoes from someone on Trademe, who I’m sure orders her seeds from Kings Seeds…and it looks like at least three of what should be full sized tomato plants are turning out to be some smaller variety.  Either cherry or small roma? Time will tell!

Scarlet runner beans are finally catching up to King of Blues.  I really like King of Blues beans better — even the smaller scarlet runner beans are a bit furry. They taste wonderful when cooked, but I think I’ll be better off letting them get really large and then shelling them, like lima beans.

Ignore the rogue weed in there!

Funky rock plant pictures!  I could photograph these all day.  Especially in the bright afternoon sun — the result is awesome.

And the lemon blossoms finally opened!  The day after Bloom Day, of course.  They’re so pretty.

Hoping you’re having a wonderful weekend! :)

I love spam.

It’s been a while since I posted! Apologies!

I spent the rest of my annual leave frolicking in the garden,  catching up on good television and laying around with my kitties.  And getting engaged!  I think most of you saw that one, though.  I just wanted to type it.  Again.  I swear I’m done saying it now :)

Tomorrow now & gwen will resume to regularly scheduled posting with a Snapshot sort of Sunday post for you to enjoy.   Today I want to share with you my love of spam.

Not spam in a can.  The spam I receive here!  The comments lately have been amazing.

Here are some of my favorites from this week, along with awesome cat pictures, because the cats have all told me that they’re not getting enough face time on now & gwen.  I picked photos as random as the spam.  Enjoy!

Oddly sleeping Damara

Hello! Would you be interested in trading links or maybe guest authoring a blog article or vice-versa? My site discusses a lot of the same subjects as yours and I think we could greatly benefit from each other. If you’re interested feel free to shoot me an email. I look forward to hearing from you! Wonderful blog by the way! — Navy seal spam site

Why yes! Your site does discuss the same subjects as mine.  I would LOVE to guest post on your blog!  Everyone knows I like to jump out of helicopters and run around with a gun and do other navy seal sorts of things, like gardening and playing with my cats…

Oddly sleeping Leon

In my house when I take bored, after that I just ON my PC and open YouTube web page to watch the YouTube video lessons. — Youtube spammer

Me too!  When I take bored (which really isn’t often), I just ON my PC and open YouTube to watch the video lessons too!

Like lessons on how to win at being a funny cat!!

And then the ultimate comment, made of much win…

The gift of Leon! Not spam!

With it, I had a pork belly sandwich, which I chose after some dithering because face it, I love pork belly.  — Dithering pork fan

I’m not sure what that had to do with my Plantnappers & Christmas post, but hey.   Some people just love pork belly sandwiches, and want to tell the world about it while using interesting vocabulary, like dithering.

Can you say random? Have you had any awesome spam love lately? Please share!

January 2012 Bloom Day

It’s the 15th!  For some folks, it’s pay-day.  For me, it’s Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, kindly hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens :)

This is the most exciting Bloom Day I’ve ever experienced!

Some things are coming to an end in the raised garden beds — the peas look like they’re about done, and the marigolds are being heavily deadheaded, but other things are still on the up and go.  It’s been pretty warm here (for New Zealand, anyway) so trying to keep on top of the watering with the water restrictions we’ve got in Christchurch have been hard on everyone.

Fiery marigolds

More marigolds

Lemon blooms

The new lemon tree Ben’s parents gave me has so many blooms on it! They smell so good!  I’m not sure whether to leave them or to pinch them off though.  There are so many, and it already has fruit as well.

Meyer lemons

My coriander’s going to seed! Will plant some more shortly.  It’s so easy to grow, and even easier to eat! :)

I spotted the first flower on my capsicums!  Exciting.  I wonder what kind it will be — I ordered a ‘rainbow mix’ of tomatoes and capsicums.

I know he’s not a bloom, but I thought he was pretty, so Sir Jumpsalot gets to be in this post.  I thought he was going to jump on me several times — he kept following my movements and then turning towards me lol.

Some kind of cute bug in a rose! :) Some weird things have been popping up in Ms. Chameleon’s foliage lately…

And that’s why today has been so exciting! :) Ben finally asked me to marry him.  Or in his words, “make it official,” because he’s considered me his wife for quite some time already.

What’s blooming in your garden (or life)?

Summer holiday

I’ve taken some annual leave, so I might not post as much for this week & next week!  I know I haven’t posted horribly much yet this month, but I’ll get back into the swing of things very soon, I swear :)

I want to use this time to establish some new habits, like making use of the Wii Ben got me for Christmas, and walking everyday, if the weather permits (when it doesn’t, I can use The Beast instead).

I’m also taking some time to notice the small things again — it was much too easy in December to rush around trying to get a million and one things done.

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ms. Chameleon is in her third batch of flowers now, and putting on a spectacular show.  I could take pictures of them all day.

Have you noticed any small things today? I hope you have! <3

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