Supporting your peas & other tips

peas galore!If there’s one thing I’ve learned about peas, it’s that they need support!  And not the pep talk kind.

I thought I’d tied up my peas well enough, but a few shoots have managed to grow taller than the fence, and not use their little tendrils to hold the actual trellis I’ve made with twine.

We had some really gusty winds this week and I went outside and found those shoots folded in half.  I think I found them fast enough to get them tied back up without any major damage, but I felt bad. :(

Also, sugar snap peas don’t like being planted too closely to spring onions, but snow peas don’t seem to care!  I do have a row of carrots down in between my peas and spring/green onion, because I read in companion planting guides that peas don’t like onions.  I thought it was just bulb onions, though.  Clearly I was mistaken, and carrots just don’t cut it as a barrier.

My snow peas are all over the show, but my sugar snap peas look a little yellow towards the base of the plants.

And my last word of advice on peas, don’t do what I did with my two different kinds of peas.  I planted them in groups, next to each other, because I thought I’d be able to tell the difference between them.

Fat chance, Gwen.

Next planting, I shall alternate my peas and beans, so I can clearly see the difference! Lol! Right now, I have to follow the stem all the way up to see if I’m picking a mature snow pea, or an immature sugar snap pea.  They both taste good, btw.

Do you have any funny pea stories to share?   Give peas a chance! *cough*


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. promenadeplantings
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 22:21:08

    I’ve also read that the onion family don’t like peas and beans. My first broad beans were useless planted next to the garlic. I’m still unsure of how true it is, but now I try and avoid it anyway


    • gwen
      Dec 14, 2011 @ 12:06:13

      I’m starting to think it’s very true! I read another blog where someone planted her peas directly next to her onions and they were yellow, fickle things that didn’t really produce much.


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