Thankful gardening

I can’t tell you how much growing your own food makes you appreciate all the time you spend tending your garden.  There’s something about nurturing your plants that makes it so fulfilling when they finally give you something yummy!  I am so very thankful that I’m able to have a vegetable garden this year.

my first zucchini / courgetteI got to eat my first courgette tonight!  Leon tried to make off with it!  It was a very sweet little courgette and I’ve never had one as fresh as that.  I sliced it really thin and sautéed it with some thinly sliced button mushrooms in a little olive oil, salt & pepper.  Tasty!

Everything else seems to be growing at a very steady pace!  I was only in Wellington for two days, but I swear everything grew by 2-3 cm while I was gone.  My peas and beans have shot up super high, and I had to put a few more horizontal lines of twine on the fence this evening.

My first snow peaI also got to nibble on my first snow pea of the season today!  It was so sweet and lovely. There’s another little snow pea growing that I’ve got my eye on.  I feel bad for watching them like a hawk, but that’s what I’m growing them for! :)

While I was watering my garden, the neighbors behind us came home from work and I asked if they wanted any lettuce, as it’s been hard for me to eat it fast enough.  They gladly accepted, and we spent some time chatting about gardening.  I think the husband is now expected to build the wife a raised garden bed, much to his dismay!

Once they get that in, I said I’d be happy to give them a couple tomato plants and some lettuce, too, since I’ve got some seedlings almost ready to plant.  Or maybe I’ll sow some more seeds and surprise them with their own little seedlings.

It’s cool how gardening can really bring people together, too.  They are lovely folks, and I’m really glad I broke the ice with them!

Gardening makes me a very happy & thankful gwennie.

What was the first thing you picked in your garden this year?



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. promenadeplantings
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 04:16:51

    Result on the courgettes, hopefully that will be the first of many and you’ll be looking for recipes to deal with the gluts :)
    I love gardening – it does bring people together, from all walks of life. My allotment has opened up so much to me ! Have a great day !


  2. Bridget
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 05:14:14

    I’m afraid the growing is coming to an end here in Ireland for this year although I still have crops in the ground in the polytunnel.


  3. Madeleine @ NZ Ecochick
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 07:36:18

    Woohoo so glad you got a courgette after the sad start! I love the idea of sharing. A few of my friends and my family share produce and seeds. So cool. Means we can all have a greater variety without spending as much money! So far we’ve had several stirfries with snow peas nonomnom. Exciting we’ve also had about 6 or 7 cherry tomatoes!! Yummy. There are some more on the tomatoes ready to eat yummy! My courgette is still tiny but I check it everyday might have flowers in a few weeks!!!


  4. Emma - Craving Fresh
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 13:09:08

    Oh wow, your garden is doing so well. Yay for actually getting to eat some of its produce. So much anticipation goes into building a garden – it’s awesome when the payback comes.


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