Pie is good.

I didn’t get to post yesterday because I was just really tired when I got home, but man, the wind came out in Wellington yesterday!

And lots of rain, too.  I’m sorry that I spoke too soon in yesterday’s post by bragging about how beautiful the weather had been.

I guess this means I’m out of the official NaBloPoMo.  Oops!

But some awesome things happened that completely made up for it!

Paul's lime & coconut pieI was in the office for a pie dayEmma‘s husband, Paul, and I work for the same company and he ‘s known for his love of pie.

Some of you may remember the post where I talked about pros and cons of working from home.  Paul was nice enough to point out another con for me the day after that post was published with a picture of a pie he’d brought into the office that I would never taste because I work from home.  Cause that’s how much of a nice guy he is. *cough*

No really, Paul is an awesome dude, and he makes a mean pie.  He brought in not just one, but two pies yesterday!

The first one was one I’ve been wanting to try for ages — a lime & coconut pie.  It was so delicious.  The best pie I’ve had in practically ever.  I should really get the recipe from him sometime!

Paul's lime & coconut pie

The second one, I was unable to take a picture of because I ate it too fast.  It was like a strawberry mousse pie with an oreo crust.  It was so yummy!

I didn’t need to eat lunch yesterday, because I had the pie.  I know that’s super healthy of me and all, but I’m only in Welly once a month and it’s even rarer for me to be there for a pie day!  It was really lovely getting to see Emma again too, and their little munchkins who can make your heart stop from cute overload.

Next time I go up I need to take up some of my hazelnut shortbread cookies to balance out the distribution of calories.  They can’t all be coming back with me to Christchurch!  One of the other guys in the office is gluten free, so I need to do some testing to see if gluten free shortbread cookies are even remotely possible.  I have a feeling they won’t be.

To everyone in the US, I hope you’re having a lovely Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family and that you’re enjoying a pie of your own!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Madeleine @ NZ Ecochick
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 07:31:19

    Wow pie and Emma that sounds perfect!!! We should all meet up in Jan and have pie!!! Can’t wait.


  2. Emma - Craving Fresh
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 09:26:40

    I also get cuted out by the adorableness of my girls.

    Here’s the recipe for lime in the coconut pie – with a video even: http://www.cravingfresh.com/2010/06/guest-post-badgerfox-bakes-pie.html


  3. boyssmell
    Nov 28, 2011 @ 08:40:46

    Happy belated Thanksgiving to you, too, my American Kiwi friend.


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