On capsicums

Just a quick post from me today on growing capsicums from seed.

Last year, I tried to grow them from seed and they never came out to play.  It didn’t matter how hot it got, they wouldn’t sprout.  They’re supposed to like really warm weather to sprout, but I’m guessing I got a batch of bad seeds that season.

This year, I got my seeds from the same place, and they actually sprouted, albeit much slower than everything else.

I was ecstatic about them, though!

They’re doing ok now, but they are very fragile.I'll be your drama queen

Where my tomato sprouts can stand a cold breeze, these go all floppy at the merest hint of a cold front.

I’ve been hardening off everyone for a week or two now, which  means I’ve left them outside longer and longer each afternoon/evening the night, and last night was the first night I left everyone outside overnight on the back patio.

When I checked on them this morning, all the tomatoes & lettuces did really well, but the entire tray of capsicum sprouts looked like they were dying.  And the one lonely eggplant, too! I blame the capsicums for rubbing off on her.

I brought them inside right away, and put them in the bathroom where I normally keep them on cold days, and within 30 minutes they were back to being their perky little selves.

My experience with them thus far has led me to believe they are the drama queen club of my veggie garden.

To my capsicums:  All this babying better pay off, little plants.  I expect nice, sweet peppers from you in exchange for all the love and attention I’m giving you.  Love you!  Kthnxbai.

Have you ever grown capsicums from seed?  Did you have any trouble with them or other plants being difficult?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bridget
    Nov 19, 2011 @ 07:13:49

    I have had great success with sweet peppers and chillis in previous years but this year they were a total failure…probably due to the cold wet Summer we had.


  2. promenadeplantings
    Nov 19, 2011 @ 08:37:11

    So now you have Mr Courgette and Drama Queen in your garden. any more names and titles :)


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