Rainy day surprise

It’s rained all day today, much to my chagrin!

I really wanted to do some weeding today.  There is this awful weed taking over the yard.  Ben’s Dad told me the name of it, and unfortunately I can’t remember it at the moment, but it was a very fitting name for this damn weed.  I will ask him for the name again, and moan about it some more.  I’m sure any kiwis reading will know what it is as soon as I name it and stick a picture on here.

I also wanted to get Mr. Courgette into his spot out front in the raised garden bed.  I think it’s time I bit the bullet and stuck him out there.  Fingers crossed that he has enough leaves to deter someone from digging him up and making off with him!

I spent today making mental lists of things that I need to do (I should really get these down on paper), watching my new favorite channel, SoHo ( I had no idea Mad Men was so good!) and ignoring the laundry that needs doing.

I did get quite a surprise, today though!  Ben must have not read my blog post about us not buying things, because he bought me a new phone today.  It was a bit of an OMG moment when I realized what he’d done.

I’ve been watching these phones on trademe for about six months now, and happened to put one on our watch list, and he bought the darn thing.  It’s a used phone, but the seller took really good care of it, so it’s pretty much brand new and we got it for half of what the new ones go for.  So it’s not new, but it’s new to me!

I feel very spoiled. Very, very spoiled.  Thank you so much, Bennie!  I am a very lucky lady.

He has get out of jail free card until after Christmas, and can consider himself to be very lucky indeed ;)

Also, I’m not expecting any Christmas presents, because it was like Christmas for me when the seller dropped the phone off.

I did tell him that we’re not getting anything else for a while.  Saving now!  And I’m studying for my driver’s license test.  I used to have one in the US, but yeah…it’s a long story and now I have to go through all the learner’s stuff here in NZ to get another one.  A long story. And not as exciting as getting a new phone, I can tell you that!

I’ve been trying to figure out everything about it (yes it did come with a book, but I haven’t read it yet) for the last couple of hours, and it does so much more than my old phone does!

I love this phone.

I did stop to clean the kitchen and get the hoovering done, so I can say I did that today.

Also, there were a few more surprises today  — now & gwen has 25 likes on Facebook!  I was so excited to see that today that I actually squeed out loud.  And, this post is the 50th post here at now & gwen.  Thank you so much for reading this far without telling me to stop.  I appreciate it!

Have you gotten any good surprises lately?

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Suzanne
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 03:07:43

    Happy surprises! :) It’s rainy here today too, I think I’ll just wait around for my surprises to show up. Ha!


  2. teri
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 18:22:00

    Congrats on the new phone, the likes on facebook, and your 50th post!!!! Yay!!!
    I love the rain, so I’m totally jealous. :)


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