A snapshot sort of Sunday

I’m fighting off a migraine at the moment (yay), so I shall be going to bed after I finish this post, and it’s not even 8pm.  Sadness!

Herb tray

All my little herbs have graduated to their own spot outside, so they stay out overnight now, along with Mr. Courgette and the strawberry plants.  That’s Mr. Courgette in the front.  I think he’ll be going into the garden bed on Tuesday!


My coriander/cilantro sprouts are getting their first true frilly leaves.  Maybe I should plant some more seeds now so I have a steady supply.  And lettuce, too.  I’ve never done the “steady supply” thing before.

Courgette flower buds

Mr. Courgette is looking quite fertile!  Maybe he’s a she.  Lots of flower buds on him now :)

Japanese maple seed pods

The Japanese maple tree has produced lots of these little brightly colored seed pods.  They sort of look like winged butts to me >.> Little doll butts!

First chameleon rose of the season

My chameleon rosebush has lots of fat rosebuds popping up!  The first bud opened a bit today :)

My homemade trellisI finally got around to adding more levels to my homemade trellis for the peas and beans to find.  Hopefully they grow tall enough to get to the fence soon.

Damara plopped on the porch

Hot Damara is hot, and this means plopping on the porch is better than exploring.  She’s doing a lot better on the leash now that we have a new harness for her.

Yawning Winters

Winters loves to lounge on that strip of ratty carpet I have on the ground in front of the porch.

His paw is looking great! We went in for the follow-up visit, which lasted all of 3 minutes, and I got charged $30 for it.  If I’d known I would be charged for it, I would’ve cancelled (since it was obvious that it was healing correctly)…our old vet never charged for a short follow-up visit if we already spent close to $400 on the initial visit. T_T  Why didn’t I cancel?!

MooseMoose just wanted to say hi.  He’s looking extra fluffy this week.  If I could get him to sit still, I’d brush his fur out, but yeah.  He doesn’t sit still, ever.

How’s your weekend been?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alana Mautone (@RamblinGarden)
    Nov 07, 2011 @ 12:44:13

    Nice photos! We had a crisp sunny fall day here in the northern United States. Where we are, the further north you are, the colder it is! Your photos will have to tide me over our winter until I can grow outside once again.


    • gwen
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 13:59:38

      Yeah, I’ve been enjoying the ones on your blog, too! I’m from VA, and it was always really pretty there in the Fall. I miss that.

      I hope your winter goes very quickly for you!


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