Meet The Beast

My last post was such a monster of a post :( My bad! It was a long day, and I only really told you about half of it — here’s the other half that I thought was best to save for this post (it’s not exactly kitty-related)!

While Leon & Moose were at the vet’s having their stuff done,  I decided to go out and get some more potting/veggie mix because I wanted to take my mind off of thinking of all the complications that could happen at the vet’s.

New plantsI got a bit more than veggie mix.  Oops!  It was all very cheap, I tell you!

They were having a plant sale!  I’ve been reading up on companion planting lately, so I bought some marigolds to put in the beds, and some lettuce, since my sprouts are still a ways off and my red lettuce seeds never sprouted.

The two things with the chopsticks next to them are swan plants — monarch butterflies lay their eggs on them and when they hatch, the caterpillars live exclusively off these plants.  Ben’s Mum’s one is looking pretty sad this year, so I picked her up two plants.

Treadmill control panelI used to have them in my garden at our old flat, but I know now that Moose is a butterfly-killer, so I don’t think it’s fair to have them anymore.  It wouldn’t be very nice of me to raise healthy butterflies only to have them die a slow death while Moose plays with them.

I managed to lug home a 40L bag of veggie mix along with the plants without munting the plants too badly! Let me tell you, 40L is a heavy amount to walk home with from a bus stop.

I hadn’t been home very long when our doorbell rang and a really awesome guy named Ben (lol) had our new treadmill for us!  Yes, we bought a treadmill.  I named her The Beast.  She was half price in a $1 reserve auction on trademe.  Exciting times!

We almost didn’t get it into the house, but Ben (the driver) helped Ben (my Ben) to squeeze it down the hall and into the lounge.  He really was an awesome dude — I called his company and left a voicemail about how great he was.  I don’t just complain when service is bad, I comment when it’s good, too.

Then Ben (my Ben) and I spent the next hour and a half getting the treadmill up & running.  All I can say is that we still have one bolt that doesn’t want to go into place, and that I really, really hate bolts now.  There was a part that wasn’t even mentioned in the manual!  But it was in the picture, so we knew where it went.

Now I have no excuse — I can walk/run everyday regardless of the weather or temperature outside.  Time to lose some weight!

My friend, Beth, and I also have this challenge going over on — we’re both doing the 28-day boot camp video series, and will be completing (hopefully) a free work out that’s available on youtube everyday.  I’m behind already (shh don’t tell Beth) but I’m going to make it up tomorrow morning and do three videos before work.

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Do you have any handy tools that have helped you lose weight or stay focused on being healthy?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lori Ferguson
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 22:24:42

    The Beast. GREAT name! I can just imagine what it was like with the 2 Bens trying to move The Beast through your house. Wishing you lots of joy with your new torture – I mean, EXERCISE device!


  2. Emma - Craving Fresh
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 23:41:33

    Ooh, Sparkpeople looks interesting. Keep us updated on how you go – I could be keen to try it.


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