After the storm

Hey folks! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday — I was exhausted from getting next to no sleep and being up early, running around all day.

Yesterday started out well — I got up early to get Moose & Leon to the vet.  I jumped in the shower, got dressed, and managed to get both of them in their carriers right before the cab was due to pick us up (we don’t have a car currently).

It’s always important to me to not have them in the carriers too long because Moose & Winters really get worked up when they’re in a carrier, and have been known to rip claws out trying to get out.

And then the cab showed up.

I took them out and as I walked towards the taxi, the driver got out and opened the trunk (or boot) of the car.  I looked at her and told her that they weren’t riding in the trunk of the car.  She proceeded to tell me that they were.  I told her again that they’re weren’t.  She told me that she guessed I’d be taking a different taxi, got back into the car, and backed out of the driveway without so much as a second glance at me.

What a lovely woman.  I told her as much as she drove off.

I went back inside, called the company and said I wanted to complain about the driver they sent, since I specifically told them I was going to have two cats with me when I ordered the car the night before.  It turns out the driver was allergic to cats…

Why take a job if you’re allergic to cats? Let someone else have it. Telling me to put my cats in the trunk of your car is like telling a mother to put her child in the trunk of car, you daft woman.  They sent another driver, who wasn’t allergic to cats, and we dropped the boys off.

To make a long story short, they’re both alive and well, so far! :)

Both of their procedures went well, although the vet said she had a really hard time finding Leon’s orchids.  I feel so bad for him! I wonder now if I should’ve even bothered getting him fixed.  At least I know he won’t spray everywhere, and hopefully he’ll stop molesting his sister.

His suture line is larger than Damara’s was and his bald patch is basically all of his stomach and some of his thighs.

As soon as we got home, he started licking at his stomach (something the vet tech assured me wouldn’t happen, as his stitches are intradermal).  Luckily, I saved an Elizabethan collar from when Damara was spayed, just in case I needed it and put it on him…

Which meant that although we went to bed fairly early last night, I didn’t get to sleep until about 3am, because Leon decided to scratch his collar on every wall in the bedroom, lay in his litter box (sorry, kitty, litter on your suture line isn’t good for you) and then get the collar half-way off (twice) so his mouth was stuck in it.

I finally gave up on the collar at 3am and hoped for the best.  Thankfully, he was more interested in licking the outer edges of the shave line than the suture line, and when we woke up it still looked ok.

Leon new bikini wax

Leon's new bikini wax

The little bugger wouldn’t stay still for me to get a good picture of his stomach, which I guess is a good sign? He’s eating and drinking, but I haven’t seen him pass anything yet.

Meanwhile, nature was busy unleashing an ungodly storm on us outside all night and today — I don’t think we’ve gotten that much rain in one day all year.  The winds were blowing our big wheelie bins down the street this morning and the rain was blowing sideways pretty much all day.  I’m glad I hadn’t transplanted any of the new plants outside in my raised beds like I wanted to!

We spent today watching moves snuggled under blankets, with the two kittens snuggling on top of us, after we both had a good cardio work out on the new treadmill (yeah, we got a treadmill!).  I think I’ll be calling it ‘the beast’ since it was so hard to put together.

The storm has finally passed, leaving us with an eerily quiet sunset.  Everything looks so new outside.  The batteries to the camera died after I took the picture of Leon, so I can’t show you, but I’m sure you can use your imagination!

Just close your eyes and think of the pretty green that you get after a nice long rain.  It looks like that!

If you’ve managed to reach the end of this post, you deserve a gold star! Thanks for reading, and thank you to everyone who left me a comment on my last post! :) It was a good distraction from my nerves.

How were the past two days for you?


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Madeleine @ NZ Ecochick
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 21:57:22

    You poor thing I hear it’s pretty bad down there. Poor naughty Leon – ha ha love the bikini wax! What procedure did they do (just a neuter?) very odd shaving! Good on you for getting him fixed it’s not about what happens in your home it’s about the other babies he makes. People often think because they have a male cat they don’t need to get them fixed as they don’t see the results and have to deal with re-homing kittens.


  2. gwen
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 22:01:18

    It wasn’t a normal neutering for him — turns out he’s a cryptorchid, and his balls never dropped, so they had to go searching for them! Half of his belly is white now, and I think he’s very itchy lol

    I’m a firm believer in spaying & neutering, it’s just he’ll never be outside to get anyone pregnant and it was so much trouble finding his testes — I feel bad now for making him go through the procedure since it was more like exploratory surgery than your normal neuter that never requires stitches. :(


  3. Faerie
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 22:19:37

    You will be glad his nads are gone. He’ll bounce back quickly and won’t be so testosterone driven.


  4. Alexandra
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 22:33:26

    I did manage to read till the end and want to say – you had quite a day.

    I think the cat was licking the place probably because of the medicine they used on top of the skin – so he was just trying to get rid of the smell or something.

    The taxi driver was obnoxious! You told the company you had two cats, why sending you an “allergic” driver? BTW I doubt she had any allergy at all, if she did she would have told you. I mean, that’s quite an argument and she just drove away without saying anything.

    Well, it’s good it’s over now.


    • gwen
      Oct 19, 2011 @ 22:41:08

      You’re probably right. The taxi dispatchers thought she was pretty ridiculous, too, for wanting to put them in the boot.

      Usyaka is beautiful!


  5. Emma - Craving Fresh
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 23:39:11

    I love the green lighting after a storm.

    Cats bounce back quickly from the chop. Ours did at least. He was a bit whoozy from the drugs for a while – his back legs didn’t work properly, but by the next day he was his old self.


  6. Jules
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 04:12:50

    Yes it’s good you still got him neutered… intra-abdominal testicles can cause more problems than usual if left. More likely to become cancerous as they aren’t supposed to be kept so warm in the body! (And the tech was daft saying that a cat won’t lick at it’s incision because the stitches are under the skin… it all depends on the cat) Glad he behaved for you, the cones are a pain!


    • gwen
      Oct 20, 2011 @ 09:29:55

      Yeah, the vet tech that I dealt with when Damara got spayed was much better about it, and gave me the e-collar because I wanted it just in case. I’m glad I know my cats, lol!

      Thanks for stopping by!! <3


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