Planning (say what?)

Emma over at Craving Fresh posted her garden plan today, and I’ve been procrastinating (not waiting. There is a difference) on doing mine because I’ve never done one before and it looked too much like work. Her post and the fact that my garden beds are now ready made me realize I really needed to get a move on with this planning stuff. (hopefully she doesn’t think I’m copying her in posting mine, I really need some feedback from anyone who gardens).

I don’t really feel anymore prepared than I would have. Half of the things I’m growing this year I’ve never grown before, so I have no idea what shape or how big they usually get! Here’s what it looks like (yes, it’s hella crude). Click to enlarge:

I suck at this crap.

Before I get into the garden planning, do you see how many tussicks (grasses) I had to trim down to be presentable?!

Tomatoes will be going in pots, as well as the cucumber that will be next to the fence I’m training the peas and beans to go up. I think I can train the cucumber up the fence? Hopefully? I need to figure out where to stick my cherry tomato plants. I’m wondering if I can grow those in pots, too. Does anybody out there know? Have you ever grown them in pots? I have a good pile of medium-large pots and some larger ones I was going to use for regular-sized tomatoes.

I also think I’ll be doing a spring crop and a summer crop of the beans, peas, and lettuce…I think I’ll have enough time.

As for the herbs in the top bed in the pic, I was thinking I might just do my herbs in pots instead, since I’m going to grow mint and two kinds of thyme that I think can spread everywhere (I know the mint can). And I plan on putting basil in with my tomatoes, since they’re good companion plants.

Also, Ben dropped a gardening bomb on me. He wants potatoes. I don’t know where to stick them either. Ben’s Dad suggested I stick them in front of the raised bed at the top of the picture…in the actual ground, behind the grass, sort of where a space is there. He said potatoes were often used to break in the ground at a new house before the lawn was planted, since the ground there is pretty much caked down. Once you get past the top layer, it’s not so bad, but those telephone people really stomped it down there to get it back in after they dug it all up. I’m not sure I really want to bother? Does that make me a bad girlfriend?

Let me know what you think of the garden plan. Tell me of your gardening experience with what I’m growing? Am I nuts? Am I doing it wrong? XD


Comments & cuddles welcome!

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