It’s official: My cats hate lettuce

Two times now, the kittens have ransacked my seedlings. Leon was the first to show me he hates lettuce by destroying my little cardboard seed pots. Tonight, he reiterated his hate for lettuce by getting Damara to join in and they almost destroyed my green lettuce sprouts. And a tomato sprout. I think they’ll all live once I patch up their little pots tomorrow. I’m sure they just like the potting mix, but I like to say they hate lettuce because they don’t seem to actually destroy any other containers! They did chew on the peas and beans a bit, but I think they’re big enough to survive.

Enough about the resident lettuce-haters (Ben is actually in that club, too).

Something exciting happened yesterday! I got a mountain of dirt delivered! Russell went mountain climbing. He’s lucky I was there to supervise, as he would’ve been buried alive if there’d been a slip. I got a few pictures for him so he can remember his adventure. Maybe I should start a scrapbook for him?

Ben took one look at the mountain and said, “Do you really think that’s going to be enough?” I looked at him in disbelief. How dare he doubt my math. I knew it would be more than enough for the garden bed!

Sir Russell climbs Mt. Dirtmore

Ben’s awesome Dad came over today and we put together the second raised garden bed and then filled it up. There was enough left over to fill up all four of my tire planters and I still have a bit left to top up stuff after it rains or to use in my tomato pots. :) Now I just need my sprouts to get big enough to be put in! And to actually figure out where everything’s going to go in the beds. I think I might just end up cramming it all in wherever, but I probably should try to plan it out a bit to ensure everyone gets enough sun.

Seriously though, Ben’s Dad is a champion! I can’t thank him enough for helping me shovel dirt into bucket after bucket.  We had a really good time, honestly! I think he’s had just as much fun as I have with my gardening journey thus far. He was quite pleased of the results today:

Raised bed no. 2

Ready for some flower seeds!

Back patio

Another planter ready to go

You may not find pictures of empty planters very exciting, but I do! After seeing them empty for so long, waiting to be filled, I almost jumped up and down when we finished. I wanted to climb into the raised garden beds and make dirt angels. No lie. It was really tempting.

I’m now debating on whether to add potatoes to the garden this year. I probably should, but I dunno. They take up a lot of room…

Russell wanted one more picture:

I'm watching you....from the top of this mountain!


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