Leon’s hidden orchids

Oops! I told the non-cat folks they could skip my last post and go straight to the next gardening post and what do I do? Post about cats again, under the guise of a gardening title. My bad! Skip ahead if you want. *cackles* One day you all will be cat people. Anyhow. Back to hidden orchids.

Cryptorchidism is when a male has one or both testes that haven’t descended. Like in Leon’s case! The term makes me think of orchids and puzzles or hiding orchids. Yeah. That’s just how my brain works and helps me remember things. Apparently this can lead to cancer in dogs if you don’t have the testes removed, but in cats it’s quite rare.

We found out about Leon’s little balls not dropping when I took them both to the vet to be fixed last month (the day after the city was snowed in). Unfortunately for him, I was out in the garden trying to save trees from breaking under the weight of the snow when the vet tried to call me about him while Leon was still under anesthesia. By the time I’d gotten the message (an hour later), he was already waking up and the Vet didn’t want to put him under again on the same day (I love this Vet, seriously he’s amazing).

I was scheduled to bring him back in the next week, but I had to go out of town for work, and then I decided I wanted him to have an extra month to see if his testes would come out to play.

The month has passed. No balls yet.

Poor little guy! Now he’s going to have to have a more invasive procedure and the Vet is going to have to find his little balls. I feel so bad for him. I’ve scheduled his big day for next month in hopes that they’ll drop by then, but chances are they won’t.

You might ask why I’m even bothering with this surgery for him, but you don’t have a pair of related kittens that are borderline incestuous. Thankfully Damara is fixed now, but it’s not stopping Leon from trying to get fresh with her on a regular basis. It’s unnerving! Also, male cats with hidden orchids can still get the urge to spray, roam (no, WordPress, I did not mean Rome) and just be a nuisance, so yeah. He’s still getting neutered.

I just hope the Vet can find his little balls.


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  1. boyssmell
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 05:15:34

    “then I decided I wanted him to have an extra month to see if his testes would come out to play.” This is why I love you.


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