Here comes the sun.. and a nap.

Today, I woke up a little after 10am. I had the curtains drawn so Ben could sleep, and it’s one of my days off, so a little sleep in was acceptable. I was dreading what the weather would be like as I pondered on whether it was the right time to get up or not.

Thankfully, the sun was out in full force!  I put my little seed trays out right away into their morning spot on the back patio. I had every intention of following my little seeds outside after a coffee and breakfast but I didn’t manage to get out there until 4pm…I know I said it was a day off, but I had some work to do, since my manager is away for a bit, and some reading to catch up on, and then of course showering is good.

I moved my little seed trays to the front at around 1pm, and then the neighbor’s house alarm started going off. For 30 minutes. It was so loud, even the cats were annoyed. I had a peek across the street, but couldn’t see anything amiss, so I’m assuming it was a fault. At least we all (and by all, I mean everyone in a 3 block radius) know it works?

At around 2, I decided it was time to attack the compost bin on the side of the house. When we first moved here in June, I found numerous beer bottles and wine bottles hidden in a hedge out back, so I had low expectations of what lie in wait in the compost bin. I opened the bin to find grass clippings that haven’t even started to decompose! And newspaper. I don’t know much about composting, but something tells me I need to read up on it and get this little bin sorted. I’m wondering if it’s in a bad spot. The sun doesn’t hit it for very long and it’s on the cold side of the house. Compost reading is on my to-do list for tomorrow after work.

Ben decided we were having take-away lunch and watching an episode of Hell’s Kitchen, and after eating and sitting on the couch for 40 minutes, all I really wanted to do was sleep. Somehow I fought off the nap attack, though (for a little while, at least) and headed out front to do… something!

Ben’s dad kindly gave me some hedge clippers. This is the result of my something today:

Giving new meaning to 'muffin top' since 2011.

The slightly OCD part of me is telling me to go out and trim more off the right side of the front one after looking at that picture. DOH! I could probably use all the trimmings for mulching on the garden beds. Will go grab it all tomorrow morning, I guess. My arms are aching from using those trimmers — it’s a good work out! I still have a couple to do towards the front hedge, which is looking really bare due to over trimming. I hope the poor thing bounces back soon. You can see my massive rosemary bush in the background, too! I love rosemary.

The nap attack I fended off earlier came back directly after the grass-trimming, so the kitties and I dozed off in the late-afternoon sun and I woke up much later, to my dismay. I always feel foggy after a nap where it’s light when I close my eyes and then dark when I wake up. Still trying to shake the feeling 2.5 hours later!

So yep. I did something in the garden today. I like my little muffin top grasses! :) Tomorrow, I shall introduce you to my furry kids for a change of pace!

P.S. WordPress doesn’t like the word bin, peak or bare. When I ran a spell-check on this post, it suggested I use been, peak and bear! XD Wtg, WordPress.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. boyssmell
    Sep 15, 2011 @ 03:37:14

    How did you ward off the first nap-attack. It’s 11:35 am here and I’ve been wanting one since 10am. A shower didn’t help.

    As for your compost bin, is it getting proper air too? I’m not sure how you NZ folk do it, or if it is common practice to have them already set up. But I know if it doesn’t it proper air it doesn’t work well. Gotta mix it up.


    • Gwen
      Sep 15, 2011 @ 09:51:51

      You just gotta keep moving with nap attacks. Never sit down! ;)

      And yeah, the compost bin has good ventilation. I just think it might not be warm enough — or perhaps it needs more soil added to get it started up again. The grass clippings are from a really long sort of grass, and must be over 3 months old, since we didn’t put them in there!


  2. Tanith
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 03:41:24

    *waves* First off, I’m insanely jealous of your veggie gardening plans. You’re so lucky — the only reason I’d ever want to leave city life would be to have a nice lush garden :D Second, that flower bed is astonishingly pretty. What a clever idea! Third, I actually had to use “quota time” to view your “personal site/blog/opinion” on my work computer, lol. Twas worth it :)


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