Upcycling in my garden

Earlier today I saw an email come through from my local freecycle group. If you’re not familiar with freecycle, it’s a mailing list/message board where folks can offer items they want to get rid of, or post about items they need/want. The rules of our local freecycle group clearly state that the purpose of the group is to keep things from ending up in the dump, so you see a good amount of large appliances and beds and such making their way through. Today, however, the email I saw had me seriously rolling my eyes — someone asked for a wii. A Nintendo Wii. Really? I don’t think anyone has an extra one of those lying around.

I’ve gotten a lot of cool stuff from freecycle in the past year, and have found homes for many of our old items (beds, fish tank stands, books) through the group as well. I find it almost as handy as trademe! You have to be particularly fast with freecycle, though. I saw a pack of Terry Pratchett books offered once and I replied within two minutes of the email arriving. I was 10th in line to get them if everyone else before me fell through! You’ll often see people asking for scrabble letters or broken plates to use in making new things like jewellery or mosaics, which I think is pretty darn nifty. Upcycling is definitely awesome!

I know I started off on a tangent, but many folks use their freecycle items to upcycle! See, I have a transition! I wanted to show you guys the upcycled tires that I’ll be planting my flowers and herbs in this year:

Look! It's pretty!

Not so tired-looking, eh? Harhar!

You have to admit this thing looks pretty cool. And the best part is, I got 4 for under $40! I bought two last month and two this month, and I hope I can get them filled up with some compost & soil to give my flowers and herbs a good place to grow! They should look really cool once planted :)

I have excellent gardening news, too! My manager’s husband has a wood-working business, and he makes raised garden beds! I highly recommend his work — we have a trestle table from him and I absolutely love it.  If you want to look him up, he’s got a trademe store.

New garden beds coming soon!

I’ve ordered two garden beds from him, and plan on putting both in front of the house instead of on the side (the side gets zero to no sun whatsoever!) Hurray for wooden raised garden beds (made from sustainable sources) and not ones made with plasterboard!

I also have a confession to make. I have planted many, many seeds into my little seedling trays. It was so warm out on the day I did it, I thought it would be safe! Mother nature is laughing now, because the weather the past two days has been cloudy and grey :( They’re living in our tv cabinet tonight, where it’s nice and warm until I can get them into a sunny spot where the kittens won’t knock them over!

I’ll leave you with this from Recyclart:

Flower Bed

Love the pun, and it’s so pretty ^_^ Do you have anything at home that’s been upcycled?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stella
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 13:52:17

    Such a great idea! I am in love with the flower bed, so awesome!


  2. boyssmell
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 16:37:21

    I showed the tires to my sister and she loves them. I hope you get good weather soon so that the kitties don’t attack! haha

    (p.s. that flower bed is the shiz!)


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